Google Detects Android Spyware That Spies On WhatsApp, Skype Calls

In an attempt to protect Android users from malware and shady apps, Google has been continuously working to detect and remove malicious apps from your devices using its newly launched Google Play Protect service.

Google Play Protect—a security feature that uses machine learning and app usage analysis to check devices for potentially harmful apps—recently helped Google researchers to identify a new deceptive family of Android spyware that was stealing a whole lot of information on users.

Discovered on targeted devices in African countries, Tizi is a fully-featured Android backdoor with rooting capabilities that installs spyware apps on victims’ devices to steal sensitive data from popular social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, LinkedIn, and Telegram.

“The Google Play Protect security team discovered this family in September 2017 when device scans found an app with rooting capabilities that exploited old vulnerabilities,” Google said in a blog post. “The team used this app to find more applications in the Tizi family, the oldest of which is from October 2015.”

Most Tizi-infected apps are being advertised on social media websites and 3rd-party app stores, tricking users into installing them….[lire la suite]




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Source : Google Detects Android Spyware That Spies On WhatsApp, Skype Calls